Special Dogs Service

The application of service dogs and working dogs is the most effective resource of our times in the aspect of danger prevention.

Whether by the "deterrence" of violent criminals, capturing perpetrators or the detection of explosives, weapons and narcotics, the service dog is modern and highly efficient operating resource.

Service teams for different areas of expertise

- Schutzhund (protection dogs) for the utilization of object related protection (security)

   or   for the utilization of event related protection (security)

- "Personal protection dogs" for the protection of high risk individuals

- Special action dogs for capturing and eliminating perpetrators

(only outside of Germany)

- Explosives detection dogs for event related protection (security), or for the security

   of peripherals.

Training and education

We will train your staff according to your specifications and objectives, with or without a dog.

Upon request, we will form canine-person-teams from your existing staff, and will train these teams until they are completely operational.

Dog logistics

If you are a breeder, or you have sold one or several canines, for example, out of country, we will gladly undertake the logistics for you, all the way to the buyer.

The logistics will include all formalities like customs, health certificates etc..