Trained German Shepherds

Trained German Shepherds,  Family Protection Dogs, Sports dogs, Schutzhund and other Specialty dogs for Sale trained by German Professional Dog Trainers

                                                    Worldwide door-to-door delivery

We are a German based company, internationally operating service provider, specialized in training authentic German Shepherds in obedience, protection, tracking, agility, Schutzhund, and other specialties such as explosives detection.

The German Shepherd is known to be an all-round talent. Its keen intelligence and high trainability, as well as its nobility, tremendous loyalty and desire to please, make him the ideal service dog.

We have supplied literally hundreds of trained working dogs placed throughout the world.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Trained Family, executive, and home protection dogs

- Trained Specialty Dogs (Schutzhund, Sports dogs, explosives detection etc.)

- Green Dogs

- Client personal introduction, deliver, and training anywhere worldwide

All of our German Shepherd dogs, offered at an all inclusive price,

come with the following:

- Guarantee of German authenticity; they have been born and trained in Germany and have

   equivalent German papers

- Formal Training in requested category: Obedience, Obedience/Personal Protection etc.

- Original German Health Certificate etc.

- Hip and elbow status in pink paper respectively original x-rays

- Formal invoice with German tax ID #

- Extensive buyer/handler instructions

- Worldwide shipment/delivery (door-to-door delivery upon request)

Other breeds and specialty dogs, i. e. Sports Dogs etc. or for breeding purposes can certainly be supplied upon request.

For effective communication (translations), we have a contact person residing in the U.S..

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Who we are, and what we do:

We are a German service provider with operations internationally.

Our work mainly focuses on the deployment of explosives detection dogs / protection dogs, and the training / sale of explosives detection dogs / protection dogs.

We hold a state-recognized German Govt. permit pursuant to § 7 of Germany’s Explosives Act, which entitles us to train explosives detection dogs and weapons detection dogs using real explosives and fire arms.

Attacks involving the use of bombs as well as other explosives provide a real threat. These attacks usually catch us off guard and diminish our trust in law and order.

Our explosives detection dogs can help guard against these dangers.

No technical or electronic device can match the capability or effectiveness of a dog’s nose that has been trained to the highest quality standards. Thus deploying a well-trained explosives detection dog is one of the most effective measures that can be taken in the present day.

Thanks to special training methods and the strictest of quality controls, our dogs are capable of finding even the smallest traces of scents and hidden explosives in the most demanding of conditions.

Our explosives detection dogs are trained to seek out the types of explosives used in attacks as well as in military and civil fields. What’s more, they are trained to search for special explosives.

Whether needed at airports, railway stations, in buildings, containers or as protection dogs for events and VIPs, our explosives detection dogs have been trained for every imaginable task.

We also train protection dogs for deployment in security firms and government agencies. We would be more than happy to inform you of the different types of training methods available.

Should you be interested in our work or dogs, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person or to show you a selection of our dogs.

Upon request, we will gladly come by to meet you informally in person to enable you to learn about the type of work we do and the dogs we offer.

Should you wish to meet in person, we would organize an interpreter upon request.

Sincerely yours,

Olaf Bode

Our range of services:

· Sale of trained explosives detection dogs / detection dogs

· Sale of trained protection dogs (with German dog training test upon request)

· Sale of trained sports dogs for Schutzhund sport

  (with German dog training test upon request)

· Sale of green dogs

· Sale of puppies

· Procurement of dogs in Germany

· Delivery service to your door and “attuning) of the dog to the new dog handler

  (extra charge applies)

Our range of personnel services

· Deployment of explosives detection dogs / special dogs

· Seminars and training courses

· Optimization of dog handler / dog teams (preparation for examinations or deployment)

· Training of dogs and personnel at your or our location

· Tactical advice on how to plan operations