Technical solutions

In support of our explosives detection dogs and for "Special tasks"
We also have state-of-the-art explosive trace detectors available.
These devices are otherwise only used at airports and especially at risk areas.

These devices can be used both as support of the explosive detection dogs as well as "alone solution".

                               IONSCAN 600
                                     Explosive trace detector

Special product features include:

· Non-radioactive IMS source
· Small, lightweight and portable
· Replaceable batteries during operation with full functionality
· Meets ECAC / EU standard for the screening of cargo and persons

The IONSCAN 600 system is a next-generation portable desktop device for the detection and identification of explosive traces. It has a non-radioactive IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) source developed by Smiths Detection that does not require licenses from national radiation authorities for their use.

These devices allow us a detailed analysis of a "find", so that we are able to identify a "find" Exactly. Until recently, these analysis options were only possible in laboratories.

On further technical and tactical applications should not be received here.

Explosive traces Found

detailed analysis

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