Seminars and Training Courses

We will be more than happy to organise training courses pertaining to different subject matters either on your premises or in our facility. Our seminar service is specifically aimed at police dog handlers or professional dog handlers, clubs and associations, study groups and individuals interested in expanding their specialized knowledge.

Furthermore, our courses offered will serve in the preperation of various exam levels.

Different course instructors are available on the following subsject matters:.

Here is a brief selection for topics:

  • Explosive detection dogs

  • Narcotic detection dogs

  • Protective dogs

  • Access dogs

  • Education / education to the family dog

  • Education in the VDH-checked accompanying dog (bra check)

  • Education in the protective dog / official dog (SchH 1-3 / IPO 1-3 / DPO / etc.)

  • Health all around the dog

  • from the dog sportsman to own dog school

  • Dog and child

  • Aid in the dog education

  • Official dog's leaders become, but how?

Ask for the appointments and possibilities of the offered seminars. Form in arrangement with us a seminar according to your claims!