Trust and Quality

Working with dogs is a highly sensitive type of task.

Ofen enough it is difficult to distinguish a „dazzler“ from a reputable service provider.

But does the client have to trust the „service provider“ blindly?

Certainly not!!!

As with every type of the service, there are several quality features related to working with canines, no matter whether these are service dogs or „private dogs“. These quality features, which could function as a guideline for the selection of a service provider, could and should be utilized.

Authorization persuant to

§ 11 Animal Protection Act

Anyone who is commercially working with canines regardless whether this is pertaining to a dog pension or the training of service dogs and working dogs, is required to possess an authorization subject to § 11 Animal Protection Act.

Naturally, the application of service dogs will require an additional permit according

to § 34a of the Industrial Code respectively § 7 Explosives Act.

Strict German laws demand a substantial proof of competence.

Funny“ multi-colored documents from foreign countries will not be recognized.

Weekend seminars or „correspondence courses“ and similar forms of education do not conform to stringent German statutory requirements for good reason!!

Only substantial proof of competence is

recognized, such as:

    • A completed professional training for dog handlers (e. g. with the Police Force or with Customs).

    • Completed academic vetarinarian studies with additonal education.

    • Trainer certificates from worldwide Working Dog Associations (VDH, FCI,WUSV).

Naturally, a reputable service provider will be able to present you his original permit persuant to § 11 Animal Protection Act.

Dubious service providers on the contrary will try to find various excuses as to why they either cannot or do not want to show these documents.

Insurance Coverage

Needless to say that a legitimate service provider is covered by liability insurance.

Closing of the insurance contract is not only pricy, but the insurance agencies also require substantial proof of the policy holder´s corresponding capability.

Again, funny looking „multicolored“ documents“ are not being recognised.

Dubious service providers are unable to present such an insurance policy!

Who knows why nott???

Sales Tax Identification Number

A reputable service provider, commercially working with canines, naturally is able to invoice you diclosing value added taxes. An invoice without the disclosure of any value added taxes typically alludes to either avocation or an „illicit worker“.


Of course, a reputable service provider rendering his services to you, will demonstrate his own canines.

On this occasion you may also want to examine all original documentation (permits etc.) as mentioned previously.

A serious service provider will answer to all of your questions, and he will not feed you with flimsy assertions.

Hopefully, we have been able to make you acquainted to some significant quality traits when choosing a service provider.

We hold the following permits and licences

among other things:

  • Permission persuant to § 11 Animal Protection Act for training protection dogs (Schutzhunde) for third-party security as well as for operating a dog pension.

  • Permit persuant to § 7 Explosives Act

  • License according to § 10 Gun Law (gun license)

  • Permit from the German Federal Network Agency (frequency allocation for private mobile Digital-DMR)

  • Acrreditation persuant to § 34 a Industrial Code (surveillance concession)

  • Chamber of Commerce (IHK) certified training company (we offer apprenticeships and internships)

  • License to conduct commerce with canines

  • VDH-licensed instructor work dogs

  • IPSC Range Officer

We also support the Veterinay Office with the capture of dangerous dogs.